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If you could put a meter on a TV show and show which part of a TV show people watch most closely that would be extremely valuable. If you watch shows like “Diner’s Drive In’s and Dives” or “Man vs. Food” you will see the hosts trying several different types of food. During those shows, what portion do you watch the most closely?

In these shows, I like to call this portion of the show the “Money Shot.”

Specifically, this is the part where the host takes a big huge bite of the food. Viewers literally make the mouth actions themselves as the host takes a bite of the massive juicy sandwich. You can use this to your benefit and makes for a great Bar Instagram idea.

Bar Instagram Ideas – Big Bite

If you have a menu item, that is hard to fit in your mouth as it comes from the kitchen; offer customers a free drink or side item if you let them video their first bite. If your social media feeds have several people taking a huge bite of your food, and it’s funny because they can’t get the entire item in their mouth and parts of the sandwich are falling all over the place, this makes for great bar instagram ideas and posting to social media.

It’s not a blatant sales pitch that people hate. It’s just a funny anecdote, “check out this guy trying to fit our triple decker burger in his mouth.” Or even better “Local lumberjack makes a mess with our Tallest Reuben in the city.”

At first you may get some reluctance from your customers and that’s fine, don’t pressure anybody and don’t take it personal if they don’t, some people just don’t like the spotlight. But some people love it. What I recommend doing is making your sales reps be the first ones. If one is pressuring you into making a purchase or changing suppliers for an item, tell him you’ll do it if you let your staff make a video of him taking a bite of the biggest item on your menu. You can also bring in friends or even your staff for the first few videos.

If you don’t have anything on your menu that works for this, either change a menu item slightly or add a new one. Also, tell your chef to make it extra tall, because you are making a video. Add height with a thick piece of lettuce and a thicker tomato slice, etc.

You can make a 5 second video and post it to Instagram, and also have it post directly to Twitter using  – The really good ones you can later post to Facebook and even boost the posts to get more exposure, especially if something funny happens and you think people will share it. Always ask your customer if you can tag them in the Facebook post for extra reach.

You can post the video to your Instagram stories and your Snapchat. The key is to make one video and use it everywhere. Then when you have several videos in your library, you can make a greatest hits compilation, stringing the best videos together into one branded video and share it to your Facebook page and place it front and center on your website.

Going Further with your Bar Instagram Idea

As you can see, one little bar Instagram idea can become a huge content source for your bar or tavern and can end up being the face of your brand in the marketplace. People begin to follow your account because they like seeing the funny videos of people trying to take a bite of this huge menu item. As the videos get more popular you can write, “Tag a friend who could demolish this bite.”

I can go on and on with different ideas you can do with this one little bar Instagram idea. I hear bar owners complain that they don’t have enough ideas to do social media, that you constantly have to come up with new things and they just aren’t that creative.

In reality, you can have just one idea, (that you stole from a website/blog) but really run with that one idea and you will have plenty of success with your social media campaigns. Keep checking back for more bar Instagram ideas.


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