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For most bar owners, the restroom is pretty much just an afterthought. It’s hard enough for most owners just to keep the bathroom clean and tidy. But taking your bathroom game to the next level is a simple way to elevate your experience for your patrons.

There was a bar/nightclub at the top of a major casino hotel in Las Vegas, where the restroom was essentially on the edge of the building 42 stories above the ground and was all glass. I heard from 10 to 12 people about how awesome the bathroom was there, yet I never heard from anyone about how good the drinks, staff, design or music was. Everyone spoke about the bathroom and I heard it enough that when I made it by, I made it a priority to check out this bathroom.

restroom marketing

You may not have a high-rise to work with, but I promise you there is something you can do to improve your restroom. You don’t even need to have everyone talking about your restroom. Just walking back to the people, they are with and mentioning a cool thing in the bathroom they saw, is enough to separate yourself from the competition.

Unfortunately, in 99 percent of bars and taverns, visiting the restroom is a negative experience. This is such an opportunity to separate yourself that I can’t understand why most bar owners don’t take advantage of it just baffles me. Also, you don’t have to spend 10,000 to 20,000 dollars remodeling the bathroom either. Just some simple changes and decorations is really all you need to elevate the experience.

Bar Marketing Idea

In fact, one simple thing you can do, that is not only creative but will increase awareness of your bar is to make your bathroom mirror, “bathroom selfie” friendly. You can create around your mirror a frame similar to a “snapchat” filter, that brands your bar in a cool, fun, lighthearted way. A simple frame around the edge of the mirror with some vinyl text that brands the bar, makes fun of bathroom selfies, and brands the bar at the same time. You can even experiment with different backgrounds each week, so that every other week there is another reason to take a picture and share to social media. Possibly a poster of a famous person, or a different backdrop like a high-rise one week, and rolling hills the next week, etc. etc.

restroom marketing

It’s no secret that the “social media sharing spot” is the big thing for businesses. This idea combines both ideas into one powerhouse way to elevate the experience, brand your bar, get social media exposure and word of mouth advertising, all for about a $100 upgrade to your bathroom mirror and some creativity. The point of this article is that promoting a bar or tavern takes constant attention.

It’s not something you work on for a week or two and then check it off your to-do list. It’s something you work on every day, day after day, as long as you own your bar or tavern. Unfortunately, as a bar owner, you get caught up with the 20 other things you gotta worry about on a daily basis, and promotions get pushed to the back burner. Well I have a solution for this. If you would like to discuss it, go to the contact page and enter your details and I will send you some information, free of charge.

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