Free Bar Marketing Consultation

free consultation

I have to admit, I advise my clients to never do anything for free. Normally, it just doesn’t work out the way you think, the word “free” just incurs all of the wrong things you don’t want in a promotion, and therefore should be used very sparingly. For the most part, you don’t want customers who only responded to a promotion because it was free.

However, that being said, the majority of bars just won’t be able to afford my services. That is why I give out so much free information, in hopes that even though a bar or tavern can’t afford to use my direct services, they can still benefit from the information I provide, and use it to get more customers at their place of business.

But, that doesn’t mean I don’t want to help in person. I have to admit, my FAVORITE thing in the world, is to find a bar or tavern and go over with the manager or owner, ways to get more people in the door. I honestly can’t think of anything I would rather do.

So for a limited time, I am going against my own advice and offering a free 1 hour consultation on how to get your bar or tavern busier with ideal customers who want to spend money at your bar. One hour only, but heck, if I am having a lot of fun, I may even stay longer.

One thing is for sure, you will leave the meeting with several ideas both free and paid on how to promote your bar or tavern more effectively. I honestly feel that most bars that have failed recently, just aren’t doing anything at all to promote their bar. They just open the doors and hope people come in. When in reality you need to be constantly and consistently promoting your bar or tavern. Constantly.

But look, I get it. So many people have spent money on advertising and gotten no results whatsoever from it, believe me I know. I remember the time I spent 8,000 on a postcard campaign and didn’t get one call or redemption at all. Bam, $8,000 down the drain, so believe me I understand. But, the fact remains that you need to be promoting your bar, you just need to do things that work, and you should probably start with all of the free things you could be doing.

Here’s a hint

digital marketing

So enough for now, just send me a message if you would like to discuss how to get your bar busier and of course make more money, I look forward to hearing from you.

Bar Marketing Idea Restroom

bar marketing bathroom

For most bar owners, the restroom is pretty much just an afterthought. It’s hard enough for most owners just to keep the bathroom clean and tidy. But taking your bathroom game to the next level is a simple way to elevate your experience for your patrons.

There was a bar/nightclub at the top of a major casino hotel in Las Vegas, where the restroom was essentially on the edge of the building 42 stories above the ground and was all glass. I heard from 10 to 12 people about how awesome the bathroom was there, yet I never heard from anyone about how good the drinks, staff, design or music was. Everyone spoke about the bathroom and I heard it enough that when I made it by, I made it a priority to check out this bathroom.

restroom marketing

You may not have a high-rise to work with, but I promise you there is something you can do to improve your restroom. You don’t even need to have everyone talking about your restroom. Just walking back to the people, they are with and mentioning a cool thing in the bathroom they saw, is enough to separate yourself from the competition.

Unfortunately, in 99 percent of bars and taverns, visiting the restroom is a negative experience. This is such an opportunity to separate yourself that I can’t understand why most bar owners don’t take advantage of it just baffles me. Also, you don’t have to spend 10,000 to 20,000 dollars remodeling the bathroom either. Just some simple changes and decorations is really all you need to elevate the experience.

Bar Marketing Idea

In fact, one simple thing you can do, that is not only creative but will increase awareness of your bar is to make your bathroom mirror, “bathroom selfie” friendly. You can create around your mirror a frame similar to a “snapchat” filter, that brands your bar in a cool, fun, lighthearted way. A simple frame around the edge of the mirror with some vinyl text that brands the bar, makes fun of bathroom selfies, and brands the bar at the same time. You can even experiment with different backgrounds each week, so that every other week there is another reason to take a picture and share to social media. Possibly a poster of a famous person, or a different backdrop like a high-rise one week, and rolling hills the next week, etc. etc.

restroom marketing

It’s no secret that the “social media sharing spot” is the big thing for businesses. This idea combines both ideas into one powerhouse way to elevate the experience, brand your bar, get social media exposure and word of mouth advertising, all for about a $100 upgrade to your bathroom mirror and some creativity. The point of this article is that promoting a bar or tavern takes constant attention.

It’s not something you work on for a week or two and then check it off your to-do list. It’s something you work on every day, day after day, as long as you own your bar or tavern. Unfortunately, as a bar owner, you get caught up with the 20 other things you gotta worry about on a daily basis, and promotions get pushed to the back burner. Well I have a solution for this. If you would like to discuss it, go to the contact page and enter your details and I will send you some information, free of charge.

Bar Marketing Idea 2

One bar marketing idea that many local bars have used to grow engagement with the community is to create a contest.

I recommend that you promote this contest for several months before completing the contest. The key to this contest is to get a lot of local customers to participate since they will be the main ones to promote the contest once its in place.

The best way to maximize the results from this bar marketing idea is to run the contest for 30 days, but promote the contest for several months before it starts. So, for example, I would begin promoting the contest on January 1st and promote the contest that Begins on April 1st or something like that.

Bar Marketing Idea #2 – Craft Cocktail Contest

How the contest works is to have a craft cocktail recipe contest. The winner receives a certain prize, whatever you deem to be a really good prize, because in fact the better the prize the more participation you will have in the contest.

However, in addition to the value prizes (I recommend 1st, 2nd and 3rd) you can have the winner receive an honorary place on your house cocktail menu. They get to name the cocktail and see their recipe on your cocktail menu for a year.

A way to really ratchet it up a bit is to offer five places on the cocktail menu, this works great for local bars who don’t necessarily have a craft cocktail menu. Then they can have the top 5 winners all get their drink on the menu for a year. Then whichever cocktail sells the most over the 365 days, that person wins another major prize.

In comparison to other bar marketing ideas, this one gets  5 local craft cocktail enthusiasts promoting your bar for you and the encouraging everyone they know to go to your bar, and buy their drink so they can win a prize. The business you receive from this promotion will far outweigh any costs associated with the prize. I don’t know another bar marketing idea that achieves this result better.

Getting More Mileage from the Contest

You see an average person knows 250 people they are connected with on social media. If that person shares something on social media the 250 people they know, and the 250 people those people know, means you have the chance to have your message in front of 62,500 people. However, if that person posts something and says,

craft cocktail contest
Bar Marketing Idea – Have a Contest

“Hey everyone, can you please re-post this and share with all your friends, I would really appreciate it, I am trying to win this trip to Hawaii, and I need to sell the most cocktails at XYZ Tavern. If you are looking for something to do this weekend, please go by and buy one a cocktail made from my own recipe. Etc etc. When someone posts a request like that, it gets shared fanatically, and you reach a much higher percentage of those 62,500 people.

There are a million ways you can get more mileage from this contest. You can require people to record a video of themselves and post it to YouTube or Facebook. Then whichever video gets the most comments or shares, wins a spot on the menu.

Then you can share those videos on your own channel and ask people to vote for their favorite. You can also set it up to where there are three types of winners. You can have Staff Choice where your staff votes for one, the owner can pick one, then the public can vote for one and you can also have one that the entrant who has the most likes, shares, comments etc.

The key to this program is not to run a contest and forget about it. You really have to milk it for all that it is worth. This is a great way to get PR as well, because you are involving the community and offering a prize that is worth talking about. It makes a great story and that is what local news channels are looking for.

If you want more information on how to profitably and cheaply promote this promotion through inexpensive Facebook ads, give me a call, I’d like to work with you.