Social Media Marketing for Bars and Taverns

The first thing I always tell people about social media marketing for bars, especially when it comes to Nightlife and Taverns, is that social media is about people. Its about friends and family and seeing what your friends are up to and interacting with them via these new channels that make it easier for friends and relative to stay in touch. You don’t have to write a letter to grandma anymore, you can just “snap” her a message. Also you don’t have to reach out to every friend individually, when you get that new promotion, you can just make an update post to your social media channel of choice and let everyone know all at once.

social media marketing for bars
social media marketing for bars

Social media marketing for Bars can be tricky.

Social Media is about people. Many folks get irritated when businesses try to come in and force marketing and advertising into the feeds of friends and relatives and being social with their acquaintances.  So most clients I have who have tried social media and complained that it didn’t work, did not keep this in mind as they went about their social media marketing campaign.

They interrupted the feed of their prospects with irrelevant, obtrusive ads that just irritated the customers instead of engaged the customers. When you are using social media for advertising, you have to remember that people do not want you messing up their social media feed, so if you do, you better make it good.

The majority of adults understand that things have costs. They realize that in order for them to keep using this awesome tool, there will have to be some advertising, and they are ok with that, they don’t let it bother them too much, but eventually, they do get bothered if they see the same crappy irrelevant ad blocking up their screen space all the time.

With a billboard, there really is no intrusion, because if the message on the billboard doesn’t apply to them, they can just ignore it, it doesn’t get in their way, or slow down traffic, it just is there and they drive past it and even if it does really bother them, there isn’t anything they can do about it.

However with social media, they can do something. If the same stupid ad shows up 5 times a day for a week or two, eventually, no matter how capitalistic they are, they are going to block that ad. Then when you get too many blocked ads, the social media channels will begin to penalize you and charge you more to show the same ads.

I will go into each social media channel individually later on, in other posts, but the thing to remember here is that, you are interrupting a feed of someone who is wanting to see information about their friends and family, make sure you do something that they aren’t going to be frustrated with and make sure it belongs there.

One good way to do this is to make your marketing messages about people. Did you know that Dave, from the Wendy’s commercials, HATED doing those commercials? He detested it. He hated the lines, the cameras, he hated getting makeup done and was known to snap at make-up people because he just could not stand the whole notion of doing those commercials. But guess what, they outperformed every other type of commercial they tried so they had to keep doing them.

People are social beings (which is why social media is so dominant) and prefer to see things about people, so your ads and marketing messages should be people based. That is why you should turn your employees into small individual mini marketing departments inside your bar or tavern. If I see a advertisement from the local bar, saying Happy Hour 3pm to 6pm Mon Through Thursday, I don’t care and if I see it too much I’m going to block it.

But, if instead, I see a post from “my local bartender” and she says, “come hang out with me today we’re slowest from 3pm to 6pm, lets catch up!” That is an entirely different experience when in reality it is the exact same thing, just said and executed differently. Both cost the same amount in time and effort, but one works for social media, and the other doesn’t work. In fact the first example may even have a worse effect than doing nothing at all.

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